The establishment of the "Laboratory of Hydrology and Aquatic Systems Analysis" was approved by the 82/27-2-2008 General Assembly of the Department of Civil Engineering, University of Thessaly and was founded by the Greek Official Gazette FEK 1191/Β/22-06-2015.

The aim of the Laboratory is to serve the educational, research and production needs in the fields of:

A) Hydrology and especially in the subjects of:

  • River basins and watersheds,
  • Groundwater aquifers, Quality and quantity of groundwater
  • Quality and quantity surface water resources,
  • Hydrological (floods and droughts) and meteorological hazards,
  • Climate variability and environmental change and their impacts on the hydrological cycle and water resources,
  • Development and management of meteorological and hydrological measurement networks, and
  • Development of Geographical Information Systems and Remote Sensing applications in hydrology and water resources

B) Aquatic Systems and especially in the subjects of:

  • Analysis of natural and man-made water systems,
  • Integrated management of aquatic systems,
  • Hydrotechnical works and water resources, Social, economic and political issues of water resources management